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Studio Ocra is a design studio based in Brooklyn, New York.  Our practice ranges from interior design for residential and small commercial spaces, to product design including furniture and small objects.

With a background in architecture, we understand the process and we like to be involved in the project from the early stage, so that all the aspects of the design are brought together in ways that feel natural and authentic. 

We believe that even the smallest object has the potential to color the mood and tell a story. For this reason we like to bring projects to life on any scale, big or small, driven by equal parts of curiosity and attention.

Studio Ocra focuses on people. Every person is different, has his own journey and unique story. Our goal is to listen, understand, work closely with our clients to rationalize their desires and personality, crafting spaces that feel personal and reflective of those who will live in there. 

We believe that simplicity, style and elegance is the signature of the most successful design ideas. We are not afraid to stimulate and invite our clients to be curious and explore unexpected possibilities


Our design is characterized by particular attention for materials, with a love for natural textures, and a carefully curated eye for details.   

We truly believe an healthy environment, both indoor and outdoor, shall be the future. For this reason we research and seek to include in our projects healthy and sustainable materials, without compromise the aesthetic.

We shared the passion for renewal rather than repetition, we prefer renovation rather than new construction.  Since our childhood in Italy, seeing century-old buildings around us, we have learned to respect and appreciate these places, that while the time passes, transform themselves and get enriched with meaning and history. For each project we do-keep into consideration the environment, the space, and the aesthetic, with the desire to ultimately design distinctive places that last.

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